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Intellectual Property & Patents

Viralytics’ Oncolytic Immunotherapy technology is protected by a large family of patents worldwide – including patents granted in Europe and USA. These provide Viralytics with the exclusive and legally enforceable right to market and manufacture its technology globally.

Viralytics’ research and development program focuses on building and protecting its Intellectual Property base. The Company monitors new patents and patent applications worldwide.

The Company’s international granted patents and patent applications are listed below.

Summary of Patents and Patent Applications as at 5 October 2016

Title Priority Date
& PCT Publication Number
Patents Granted Applications Pending
A method of treating a malignancy in a subject and a pharmaceutical composition for use in same 25 November 1999
WO 2001/037866
Australia, Australia (Div1), Canada, Europe, Europe (Div1), Japan, New Zealand, USA, USA (Div1) USA (Div2)
A method of treating a malignancy in a subject via direct picornaviral-mediated oncolysis 18 December 2002
WO 2004/054613
Australia, Canada, China, China (Div1), Europe, India, Hong Kong, Hong Kong (Div1), New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, USA
Modified oncolytic viruses 11 March 2004
WO 2005/087931
Australia, South Africa, USA
Methods and compositions for treatment of hematologic cancers 20 August 2004
WO 2006/017914
Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, USA Europe
Method and composition for treatment of neoplasms 17 Jan 2005
WO 2006/074526
China, Hong Kong
Methods for the treatment of bladder cancer 17 June 2013
WO 2014/201492
Australia, Canada, USA
Combination method for treatment of cancer 27 February 2014
WO 2015/127501
Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, USA
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