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Prof. Darren Shafren
Chief Scientific Officer and Inventor of the Technology

Professor Dr. Darren Shafren B Sc. (Hons) Ph.D is Viralytics chief scientific officer and founder of the company’s technology. He is responsible for the research, development and intellectual property management of the company’s immunotherapeutic program. Dr Shafren is also Associate Professor of Virology in the Faculty of Health, University of Newcastle, and works full time on the Viralytics oncolytic immunotherapy project. He works from the company’s state of the art laboratory in the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) in Newcastle, New South Wales. He leads a research staff of 12 scientists and research personnel. He has over twenty years experience in basic and molecular virology.

His work has been peer reviewed and acknowledged by international, scientific publications. His career in virology and immunotherapy has been one of significant progress, starting in 1998 when he was Awarded the HMRI Young Medical Researcher of the Year prize and continuing through until the current day. His expertise is manifested in the company’s trials currently underway at eleven prestigious cancer research centres in The United States and three in The United Kingdom.

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